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Internal feature walls

Restoring internal brick feature walls is a meticulous process that brings back the raw beauty and historic charm of exposed brick interiors.


Over the years, these walls can lose their lustre due to wear, paint layers, or damage. The restoration journey begins with a careful assessment to determine the wall's condition and identify any damages or deteriorations. Depending on the state of the wall, processes such as cleaning, paint stripping, repointing of mortar joints, or even brick replacement might be necessary.


The aim is to rejuvenate the brick's natural texture, colour, and aesthetic, enhancing the space's ambiance. Done correctly, a restored internal brick feature wall not only becomes a striking focal point in a room but also serves as a testament to the building's rich history and the timeless allure of brickwork.


When and why should you restore internal feature walls?

Internal brick feature walls, with their innate charm and character, have become a coveted architectural element in contemporary and heritage interiors alike. Over time, however, factors such as accumulated grime, fading, painted surfaces, or even slight structural damages can detract from their original beauty.


Opting to restore these walls becomes paramount when you start to notice a diminished vibrancy or when they no longer align with the aesthetic vision for your space. Proper restoration not only reinvigorates the rich texture and warm tones of the bricks but also addresses any underlying issues that might be compromising the wall's integrity.


More than just a design decision, restoration breathes new life into these walls, preserving their history while ensuring they remain a robust and captivating feature for years to come. Whether aiming to highlight a room's historic roots or simply desiring a rustic touch in a modern setting, restoring internal brick feature walls is a choice that melds both form and function.

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