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Tuckpointing is an artisanal technique designed to elevate and refine the aesthetics of brickwork, positioning it as the pinnacle of exclusivity and sophistication.


By employing two distinct color palettes—a base mortar meticulously matched to the existing brickwork and a slender contrasting ribbon, typically in white or black, but available in other bespoke shades—it masterfully conceals imperfections and accentuates the joints, rendering them impeccably neat and slender. This process not only offers a seamless, premium appearance but also allows each brick to command attention, resulting in a distinguished and singularly striking visual impact befitting the most discerning tastes.


When and why should you Tuckpoint?

Many of Sydney's historic brick homes originally boasted the refined elegance of tuckpointing, but as the sands of time eroded these details, the exquisite craftsmanship became obscured.


If you're seeking to enhance your property's value, be it for a forthcoming sale, renovation, or simply a desire to recapture its inherent grandeur, tuckpointing offers that sought-after touch of luxury and distinction.


Appropriate for both contemporary and classic homes, tuckpointing can be expertly applied to brickwork, sandstone, and other masonry types.


To ensure the best outcome, we're always available to provide a tailored consultation, guiding you on the potential transformative power of tuckpointing for your unique residence.

Before and after examples of our Tuckpointing work

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