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Tuckpointing is a purely cosmetic procedure intended to disguise uneven brickwork and neaten up joints. 
Tuckpointing involves using two different colours. The first being a coloured mortar joint trying to match the colour of the existing brickwork (using the repointing process), and the second a thin ribbon pressed on top in usually in white or black (other colours also available) which creates a contrast in both colour and in lined layout to give the impression that the joint is much thinner and neater than the actual joint.
It results in individual bricks in the brickwork standing out to give a striking distinguished effect. 

when and why should you tuckpoint?

Many of the brick houses in Sydney were originally tuckpointed. With time and decay the original tuckpointing can barely be seen.
If you are looking to sell your property, renovating, or you want to restore your house to its original beauty, tuckpointing can achieve that extra wow factor.
Tuckpointing suits new and old houses, and can be done on brickwork, sandstone or any other masonry. However, we are always happy to come and give a professional opinion on whether your house would benefit from tuckpointing. 
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